The Mini Course: Working With Brands

The Mini Course: Working With Brands

The Mini Course: Working With Brands is a step-by-step video course that walks you through the process / your options of working with brands.

If you are ready to start doing partnerships / sponsorships and making extra income promoting products. You are in the right place!


This mini course breaks down:

- Setting Up Your Media Kit

- Setting Up Your Deliverables (Rate Card) / Partnership Proposal

- Different Brand Partnerships / Sponsorships

- Contacting Different Brands

The opportunities are endless once you dive in! 

Commonly Asked Questions...

Q1: What are some of the different Brand Partnerships / Sponsorships out there?

- Affiliate

- Sponsored Work

- Social Media Campaign

- Ambassador 

- Giveaway 

- Partnerships 

- Sponsorships 

- Exclusive Contract

Q2: What is a media kit?

A media kit is a basic overview of your business. Having a media kit to share with brands when you reach out will help you stand out from other influencers / businesses. You will want to update your media kit often and make sure that the information is easy to read and valuable. 

To help you out we created a media kit template for you that you just plug your own information into!

Q3: What  is a Rate Card / Deliverables?

Working with all different brands you will come across different documents they may ask for. In this mini course I include a template for you to create your own rate card and your own insertion order. I send these for every brand partnership I do just to make sure we are on the same page with everything.

The rate card is basically a break down of your services / prices.  I often use this as my way to break down what services I am going to provide specifically in exchange for this partnership. 

The insertion order is the actual legal agreemetn between you and the brand you are partnering with. This has all the important details such as date, time, services provided, what is being traded / paid. This is where you want to detail everything about the partnership so expectations are known. 

Q4: How do I contact the brands?

I struggled for awhile when it came to reaching out to brands and trying to get noticed.

I have learned a few tricks on how to get brands to contact / notice you!

I share these along with other tips on how to find the right contact person.

How amazing would to be to partner with your favorite paint brand? Or maybe run a giveaway for your audience?

NOW is your chance to fast track the process and start working with brands TOMORROW!

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