Welcome to My Creative Days

Welcome to My Creative Days!

Join a community of highly engaged, passionate DIYers changing the way we look at our homes and budget. There is something here for everyone. From picking up your first piece to flip and learning how to paint it, to learning how to optimize your business with social media and memberships.

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Learn To Flip With Lindsay

A step-by-step video course that walks you through the furniture flipping process.

From prep work to staging, I will cover it all!

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The Mini Course: Prep Work & Workspace

In this Mini Course of Learn To Flip With Lindsay; 

Prep Work isn’t just sanding your piece down and cleaning it. While these steps can make a HUGE difference, we need to take a step back and make sure we have everything we need for the next project BEFORE we get started! In this module we will cover how to pick out your supplies, where to get supplies and how to set up your workspace so you can be ready once we find your next piece!

The Mini Course: Finding Pieces Worth Flipping

In this Mini Course of Learn To Flip With Lindsay;

We will cover everything from how to know the value or worth of a piece, to where to find pieces, what pieces to avoid picking up, and how to haggle on pricing. 

The Mini Course: The Process Of Flipping

In this Mini Course of Learn To Flip With Lindsay;

I want to cover why it is important to have a plan. In fact, multiple plans because often times the original plan doesn't work out. I also want to cover how to choose a style, how to clean a piece, prep it, paint it, and then using a top coat. 

The Mini Course: The Staging Process

In this Mini Course of Learn To Flip With Lindsay; 

We will be covering all the basics you need to know in order to stage a piece. From understanding the lighting, to what decor to use for staging, all the way to the actual taking of the photos. 

The Mini Course: How To Successfully Sell Your Pieces

In this Mini Course of Learn To Flip With Lindsay:

We are going to cover everything there is to know about selling. From researching the market, to pricing your pieces, to making sure you have a REALLY good description written up for it, where to sell it, and how to best communicate with the customers, so they become repeat customers. 

Also included are some Professional Templates to help you sell your pieces. 

The Mini Course: Branding & Social Media

In this Mini Course of Learn To Flip With Lindsay; I want to cover why branding and social media are so crucial to your business. We will find your ideal avatar, decide on a social media channel to start with, talk about growing on social media, discuss how the algorithm works and why you have to be consistent and then finally the reason why engagement is KEY to your success on social media. 

The Mini Course: Working With Brands

In this Mini Course of Learn To Flip With Lindsay; 

I want to cover working with brands because it is a GREAT way to grow your business. We will cover the media kit, rate card, and different opportunities you have if you do want to work with brands.  The opportunities are endless once you dive in! 

The Creative Squad

A community of like-minded creatives sharing new ideas, supporting one another, and flipping furniture on a budget!

Inside you will find:

- Guest DIY Speakers

- DIY Tutorials

 - Behind The Scenes Projects

 - Live Shopping Trips

- Community Support

- Q & A Sessions

Quick Guide to Painting Furniture!

Are you new to furniture painting?

Want to learn what all the hype is about, but you don't know where to start?

Check out this FREE guide to learn:

-All of my favorite tools

- Where I find inspiration

- My top 4 painting tips

- 12 steps to painting your first piece

- My 4 absolute must have products

- Do's & Don'ts when picking out furniture

11 Quick Tips To Organize A Profitable Yard Sale

Here you will find 11 tips that I use to run a successful yard sale every year!

How To Decorate Your Home On A Yard Sale Budget

This FREE guide includes:

- Quick Yard Sale Tips

- Why Yard Sales

- Negotiating Tips 

- Yard Sale Toolbelt

- Yard Sale Challenge

FREE 5 Day Organization Challenge

Feeling overwhelmed with trying to keep everything organized?

Get your home under control with this FREE 5 day organization challenge delivered directly into your inbox!

31 Day Organization Challenge

Join me for my 31 Day Organization Challenge!

The Best Paint Colors To Use When Flipping Furniture

Here is a list of the best paint colors to use when flipping furniture.

Want to make a quick sale? Choose one of these colors!

Grab your copy here FREE.

Types Of Paint For Furniture - Rated From My Favorite To Least Favorite!

This Free Guide offers 8 Different Options of Paint. Rated from my favorite to least favorite. 

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