Thrifting & DIY Bundle

Thrifting & DIY Bundle

Grab This Bundle NOW While You Can!

Over 125 Videos:

- Thrifting Trips

- DIY Projects Using Thrifted Items

- How To Style With Thrifted Items


Let's Break It Down

All of my Thrifting Trips & DIY Projects from 2018 - 2021.


All Of Them!


Here is what the thrifting community had to say:

I loved your recent thrifting trip.  When you got the Santa mugs and told me they were from ALDI.  I had never heard of the store but quickly learned they were new to Texas and there was one in a town near me. I went there, yesterday on my birthday.  I found two boxes of Santa mugs and German gingerbread cookies which my Mom and I love. The quarter in the shopping cart was a new thing too.  I am so excited to have found these.  It made my day extra special! Thank you!!!

I love the thrifting trips. I compare what catches my eye and yours. I glean from your experience in restoration and or resale. Plus I just love to shop and find these videos entertaining.

I like the out-of-the-box ideas… Like where to look that is an obvious… For example you found a great crock that had all sorts of floral arrangements in it that were of no value but the crock they were in was great. Also to look for embellishments and bells on old Reese etc. just little clever ideas.

Are you ready to replay the last 4 years with me?

There are some big changes coming to My Creative Days in 2022. This offer won't make it into 2022!

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Thrifting & DIY Bundle

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