Monthly Purge Checklist

Monthly Purge Checklist

This checklist is broken down into 12 monthly purge lists. Each month will focus on getting rid of the clutter in different areas of your home.

The purpose of the monthly breakdown is to give all of your attention to one area at a time. This will ensure every area is decluttered thoroughly and it will also ensure the process does not get overwhelming.

You will receive 2 copies of this Purge Checklist.

  • The electronic copy will allow you to make changes inside Canva.
  • The other is a PDF format that you can print as-is.

I suggest printing the PDF checklist first so you can go through it to see what applies to your home and what doesn't.

Then, I would go to the Canva document and make the necessary changes.

Once you are finished, print the updated checklist and GET TO WORK!

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