The Mini Course: How To Successfully Sell Your Pieces

The Mini Course: How To Successfully Sell Your Pieces

A step-by-step video course that walks you through the furniture flipping process.

I broke down my new course Learn To Flip With Lindsay into 6+ Modules for those looking to start their furniture flipping business. 

I realize everyone is at different stages in their journey so I thought why not offer each Module as a seperate offer so you can pick and choose the material that best fits your need. So here it is: Learn To Flip With Lindsay: The Mini Courses.

This section of the series is all about Selling:

- Researching The Market

- Pricing Your Pieces

- Descriptions

- Where To Sell Your Pieces

- How To Communicate With Customers

- Professional Templates To Help You Sell

We are going to cover everything there is to know about selling. From researching the market, to pricing your pieces, to making sure you have a REALLY good description written up for it, where to sell it, and how to best communicate with the customers, so they become repeat customers. 

Also included are some Professional Templates to help you sell your pieces. 

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 The Mini Course: How To Successfully Sell Your Pieces
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