Welcome to My Creative Days

Welcome to My Creative Days!

Join a community of highly engaged, passionate DIYers changing the way we look at our homes and budget. There is something here for everyone. From picking up your first piece to flip and learning how to paint it, to learning how to optimize your business with social media and memberships.

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Quick Guide to Painting Furniture!

Are you new to furniture painting?

Want to learn what all the hype is about, but you don't know where to start?

Check out this FREE guide to learn:

-All of my favorite tools

- Where I find inspiration

- My top 4 painting tips

- 12 steps to painting your first piece

- My 4 absolute must have products

- Do's & Don'ts when picking out furniture

11 Quick Tips To Organize A Profitable Yard Sale

Here you will find 11 tips that I use to run a successful yard sale every year!

How To Decorate Your Home On A Yard Sale Budget

This FREE guide includes:

- Quick Yard Sale Tips

- Why Yard Sales

- Negotiating Tips 

- Yard Sale Toolbelt

- Yard Sale Challenge

FREE 5 Day Organization Challenge

Feeling overwhelmed with trying to keep everything organized?

Get your home under control with this FREE 5 day organization challenge delivered directly into your inbox!

The Best Paint Colors To Use When Flipping Furniture

Here is a list of the best paint colors to use when flipping furniture.

Want to make a quick sale? Choose one of these colors!

Grab your copy here FREE.

Types Of Paint For Furniture - Rated From My Favorite To Least Favorite!

This Free Guide offers 8 Different Options of Paint. Rated from my favorite to least favorite. 

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